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After our beloved fur baby of 17 yrs passed, our home felt empty & we agreed to start researching different breeds. The Boston Terrier quickly became our choice due to their temperament, lifespan and intelligence.

Our research brought us to Ruth and Country Acres Bulldogs. We were looking for a pair that could be best pals and she was very helpful in finding our pups, Bleu and Curry. I was apprehensive doing business online as we lived in a different state, but she was more than willing to give references, which made us feel more comfortable with the process. Ruth was very accommodating to ensure we found the best pair and we love our boys!

Thanks Ruth for making our home feel complete again!




Happy Customer

I got Bill-Puppy (now 6 mos) a few months ago & was impressed the second I saw Ruth interacting with her pups!!! It was very obvious bill was raised with kindness & love! my boy Bill is a constant source of joy & love. His personality is so laid back not to mention his beautiful red brindle coat & green eyes! This is my second Boston Terrier & hes not the typical bounce off the walls 24/7 boston puppy...by far most laid back boston ive met!! His intelligence & wit show more everyday & I would recommend Ruth in a second!




Wanted to shout out to you. We love our dogs we purchased Grayson ( Beabull) Dec 5 and Mindy ( Boston Terrier) Dec  7

Grayson belongs to Christine and is an absolute delight. What a gentlemen. I wish I could clone him and have one for myself with the same temperament. I really love this dog.

Christine also purchased Mindy as a gift to my Mother who is now retired to take care of Mindy

Mindy is a very energetic quizative girl and loves to get into trouble here and there, always looking for something new to get into. She is very intelligent and learns all the tricks we teach her. She is a full size Boston at 22 lbs and trying to keep her mentally stimulated is a challenge. She does show  a dominant side and is the “alpha”  lady in charge when with Grayson hit 41 lbs – solid and lean

In a year seeing how Mindy develops I would like her to have a little brother into the mix. Time will tell.

Have a great week

Best Wishes




Hi Ruth!

             I wanted to make sure I checked in with you after purchasing Nora (previously named Gloria) in early April. I absolutely ADORE her. She is the perfect mix of playful and cuddly. Her half English Bulldog and half Blue Heeler in her made such a beautiful color coat with so many spots.
             I was skeptical of buying her online and having her shipped to me without ever meeting you or her, but I could not be more happy with my decision. I really appreciate the organization and professionalism you had throughout the process. I would 10/10 buy another puppy from you guys (not for awhile, 1 is just perfect for now :) )

Thanks again. Enjoy summer!
Melissa and Nora



 Dear Ruth,
This is a very sincere thank you for the most wonderful job you do there bringing these sweet puppies into the world and giving them over to your home so freely, filling them with all that love, so that people like me and my daughter both have gotten the best friends we could ever have imagined!
 When my daughter got out of the Marines, she knew that she needed a best friend. Thank goodness we stumbled across your website and now know you as a good friend.  Her Boston/Bulldog has been the absolute love of her life since July of 2015. Ivy (formally Lilly) is my grandpuppy and I wouldn't have chosen any other. She has been happy and healthy since she adopted her... full of snorts and kisses!  You did great with her and we are blessed... now twice over since my husband and I decided to revisit your postings this January trusting in your loving care, for a puppy of our own now that our daughter has moved to NC.
  We adopted our sweet baby, Milo ( AKC Havanese ), who you had lovingly raised in your home and my goodness!!!! He is the best dog I could have ever asked for!
  For your readers, I have been to your home several times now and know the care, time and dedication Ruth puts into these furbabies to get them ready for you. I live in West Virginia and the drive over to her farm has always been worth it. Come see for yourself. She is the real deal. These puppies live right there on the sofa with the family.

  With much thanks!
Marianne Cunningham

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