About Us


     We are so excited that you are looking! We love to meet strangers and keep in touch with old friends! We got started with Bulldogs in the year 2008 and simply love having them around. They all have their own personality and training is usually a breeze.

     If you're looking to get into breeding - I'm sure you've done some research... it simply takes a dedicated heart to raise them. We always assist the mommys with feeding every 3 hours after they return from the vet, until they've recovered enough from C-section to nurture the babies (usually 2-3 days).

    All the babies are on a program with deworming and vaccinations from 1 week old to 8 weeks old... when they are ready to be adopted. Trimming nails and getting them vet checked is included  in that program. Proving to be equallly essential is playtime and socializing/

    Our family consists of my husband and I and the number of furry friends keeps changing. Small wonder that the neighbor's kids love to come over to play!

    We live in the country & the banner on our website is what the view is like from here! So come on out and take a look ... we'd be so happy to have you!

     Call 330-473-0660 to see when we are around.


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